What’s Most Important to You?

Geschäftsmann auf Straße mit Hinweisschild über kurvige Umsä

My friends in sales, a recent customer experience bought me to this posting after being away since September of last year.  It’s good to be back!

Before I ask you to answer this question as a sales professional, let me paraphrase a quote from the great Zig Ziglar, “ Money does not bring happiness.  However, I have experienced having money and I have experienced not having money.  Overall it’s better to have money!”

I encourage you to think about it and answer this question for yourself now.

Was your answer to make $1,000,000; be the top performer; close your company’s largest sale; exceed quota by 50%?   These are all great goals and worthy of being on any list of objectives for a high performing sales professional.

I was reminded of my answer as I reflected on a short note received from a former customer.  Thoughtfully he shared that my persistence was one of my biggest strengths.

So being persistent is what is most important?  Although it’s a very important contributor to long term success, my answer is “No”.

The most important thing to me as a sales professional can be observed in the one thing I am proudest of.  This is the individuals by name who I have had the privilege to serve as my customers multiple times over my 30 year sales career.

I encourage you to strive every day to look for opportunities to make what is most important to your buyer; your top priority.  If you can do this your map to success will better reflect the terrain, your sense of internal balance will be reinforced, and you will be well on your way to being a consistent high earner!

Your Friend in Sales,


“Strive to make every individual interaction an opportunity to lift the other”

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